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Living Wisdom

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 Don’t wait for the ideal time or situation. Please consider here-and-now as the only chance, and provoke the power of love. This moment is Eternal. If you can’t do it now, if you say I’ll do it later,”then you will never do it.

Please help other people when needed if you want to. Please love if you want to. Later when the moment has past then you will not be able help no matter how much you want to. Only heartbreak remains.


 Only when you jump into the situation and devote all your energies, can you learn. While you limit yourself with excuses and only offer a portion of yourself you will experience difficulties, frustration and heartbreak. When you finally dedicate yourself one hundred percent you will find that things progress harmoniously within and without. In real situations when you analyse, understand and overcome your mind, you will live a life of the creator in freedom.


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